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Compulsory Purchase Compensation

What is Compulsory Purchase?

This is when the Government, local Council or Utility Company has the legal right to buy or take rights over your property if it falls within a public or private construction project such as for roads, gas, water, sewerage and electricity schemes.

Claiming Compensation

We can act on your behalf to negotiate the full level of compensation due to reflect the losses and disturbance caused by the compulsory purchase or statutory scheme.

Compensation may either be a range of payments or accommodation works (works to lessen the effect of the scheme) or both.

In the majority of cases, the acquiring authority may offer an advance payment of compensation depending on the rights or the land taken. People whose property suffers a loss in value due to the operation of a nearby scheme may also be able to claim compensation.

We have a wealth of experience acting on behalf of land owners and occupiers with our track record including involvement in the A26 Antrim/Ballymena Dualling, Ballymena By-Pass, Toome By-Pass and the BGE Gas Pipeline in addition to many others.

And the good news, our fees for acting on your behalf are paid by the acquiring authority.

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