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Rent Reviews & Lease Renewals

We represent individual, business and public sector clients in relation to Landlord and Tenant negotiations for leased commercial property.

Rent Reviews

The lease for your property may provide for the rent to be reviewed at intervals; often every three or five years. This presents inevitable scope for disagreement on the level of the new rent.

Whether you are a Landlord or Tenant, we provide advice on how the technical issues of the rent review provisions of your lease together with current market evidence help achieve the best outcome for a rent review when negotiating on your behalf.

In the event of a rent review being referred to Arbitration or Lands Tribunal for third party determination, we are experienced at providing Expert Witness Reports setting out the facts, key issues and evidence relating to the case.

Lease Renewals

Most business tenancies in Northern Ireland are protected by the Business Tenancies (Northern Ireland) Order 1996.

If you are a tenant, so long as your business remains in occupation of the premises and follows all the correct legal procedures, you have a right to apply to the Lands Tribunal for a new tenancy if you are protected under the Order.

If you are a landlord, you can also apply to the Lands Tribunal to terminate the existing lease on its expiry and request a renewal of the lease. You can only terminate the lease or oppose the tenant's application for a new lease in very limited circumstances.

As either landlord or tenant there are certain formal notices which must be served and responded to within stated time limits and mistakes or delays can be costly.

When acting on your behalf, we will advise you of your options and the terms that you might realistically achieve together with serving the necessary notices and negotiate the rent and new terms of the lease.

We can also act as an Expert Witness to provide evidence of rental value in the event that agreement cannot be reached and it becomes necessary to proceed to a hearing at the Lands Tribunal to resolve the dispute.

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